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The Japanese agricultural machinery manufacturer Kubota is one of the world's biggest agricultural machinery manufacturer.


Founded in 1890 as an iron foundry, the Japanese company has more than 120 years of experience in the metal processing industry and currently more than 31,000 employees. Kubota presents current tractors, such as the tractors of the GX and M60 series: powerful tractors, which are distinguished by high practicality, extreme agility, 36 months warranty and an excellent price-performance ratio. Exclusive Agritechnica premiere were the new M6060 and M7060 models Compact, lightweight and maneuverable, the new M6060 and M7060 models in the 49/54 kW (66/74 PS) power range offer extensive standard equipment. The 4-cylinder diesel engine with 3.3 liter displacement and 4-valve technology ensures high performance. The modern, electronically controlled common rail injection, supported by particulate filter, oxidation catalyst and water-cooled exhaust gas recirculation allows low exhaust emissions according to stage EU IIIB. The electronic engine speed control ensures even under varying performance needs a constant speed and thus economical operation. With the very good stepped 18 forward and reverse gears into 3 groups, with 6 gears in the main gearbox, the creep gear and the 40-km/h eco speed gear, which provides a 20 % reduced engine speed for fuel economy, all tasks can be done comfortably and efficiently. The easy to operate hydraulic shuttle ensures a coupling-free, agile front loader operation and a smoothly changes in direction. Also the further basic equipment, like the clear cab with air conditioning and air suspended driver seat, quick hooks on the lower link ends, automatic trailer hitch, working lights and self-resetting indicators convinces.

Compact power packs: the new M60 models

In the most popular performance class between 60 and 70 kW (80-100 PS) the two new models M8560 and M9960 come up with many improvements and new features comparing to their predecessors. The latest engine technology with common rail injection ensures for low exhaust emissions according to stage EU IIIB supported of diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and diesel particulate filter (DPF). The intelligent engine control allows additional functions such as speed management for constant PTO speed and a speed reduction of 20 % in the transport speed. Thus, noise pollution and fuel consumption can be significantly reduced. The new transmission with 6 synchronized speed steps into 3 groups and dual shift offers a total of 36 speed steps forward and backward for every use the right ratio. The new comfort cabin with improved ergonomics and excellent visibility ensures a relaxed workplace.

Strong performers: new tractors of the GX series

Also in the class above 74 kW (100 PS), there are new developments since the last Agritechnica: the M110 GX with 89 kW (116 PS), the M135 GX and the M135GXS each with 103 kW (140 PS). The electronically controlled engines in the GX series offer maximum performance with maximum efficiency and the combination of diesel oxidation catalyst, diesel particulate filter and water-cooled exhaust gas recirculation also fulfill the requirements of the emission regulation stage EU3B. With 6100 cc is the engine in the models M135 GX and M135 GXS the largest displacement four-cylinder in the market and provides high torque even at low speeds. All engines in the GX series offer double speed storage and speed management. 8 power shift speeds into three groups and adjustable automatic function already at the basic equipment features comfortable driving and optimum adaptation to challenging soil and terrain conditions. The completely redesigned cabin with air conditioning, large, arched glass surfaces, narrow frame design without disturbing B-pillar is one of the largest in this class and provides at both models an optimum of visibility and comfortable driving and working.

The Kubota principle

Due to the bi-speed-steering-system the GX models are exceptionally maneuverable. This increases from a steering angle of 35 degree automatically the speed of the front wheels and allows an extremely small turning circle. At the M60-series as well as at the GX models the special front axle with double bevel gear arranges also a maximum of maneuverability. Here, the entire drive system is completely enclosed in an oil bath. The advantages compared to standard axles are the larger steering angle, higher ground clearance and loading capacity as well as easy maintenance.

European growth market

In addition to the expansion activities on the Asian market and in America Kubota pointed out with the acquisition of Kverneland Group in early 2012 his position as a broadly based agricultural equipment manufacturer in Europe. Currently, the dealer network for agricultural tractors consists of 8 distributors and one Kubota branch East Europe-wide. The expansion of the dealer network is also in focus to improve the coverage service and sales of machines and thus the accessibility for the user. In the future performance will play a significant role at Kubota. So tractors in higher power classes are already planned for the near future.

by Federico Antonelli

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