BKT row crop tire range

Agrimax RT 855

BKT, a major global player amoung the Off-Highway tire manufacturers, offers a complete tire line for row crop applications: Agrimax RT 855, Agrimax RT 945, and Agrimax RT 955. These three products have several outstanding features in common, i.e. high loading capacity, excellent traction and self-cleaning properties, a long tire life as well as remarkable performance on the road when moving from one to another field. Agrimax RT 855 (in the picture) is a radial tire designed to ensure high loading capacity and excellent floatation, an essential condition to decrease soil compaction and to preserve soil fertility. The tread design and the resistant structure guarantee outstanding traction and self-cleaning features in addition to a comfortable drive. This tire is available in as many as 15 different sizes: 210/95 R 20, 250/85 R 20, R 24 and R 28, 280/85 R 20, R 24 and R 28, 300/85 R 42, 320/85 R 20, R 28, R 32, R 34, R 36 and R 38 and at last 380/85 R 34. In particular the 85’ series of Agrimax RT 855 has recently come out with a new-generation compound enabling BKT to place an improved product, in terms of cut resistance and product life cycle, on the market. Agrimax RT 945 has been particularly developed very heavy harvesters and other cultivation machinery. Designed with a narrow tread, the tire allows for moving through the row crops in-line without damaging the roots and reducing soil compaction at the same time. By this way, the yield of the soil is preserved and hence profits of farmimg businesses. Besides, the structure of the RT 945 tire has been designed to support high speeds during frequent transits on the road. This results in time savings on the one hand maintaining the delicate approach to the soil on the other hand. The following sizes are available: 320/90 R 42, 380/90 R 46, 380/90 R 46, 320/90 R 50, 380/90 R 50 and 320/90 R54. Also Agrimax RT 955 has been designed for heavy harvesting and tillage machinery. The tire guarantees optimum stability, excellent traction and self-cleaning features, which enable the equipment to pass through the land in shorter times resulting in time and fuel savings. Developed for premium performances and an extended life cycle, Agrimax RT 955 is available on the market in as many as 19 sizes to meet any specific need: 210/95 R 24, R 28, R 32 and R 44, 230/95 R 32, R 36, R 42, R 44 and R 48, 270/95 R 32, R 36, R 38, R 44, R 48 and R 54, 300/85 R 42, 300/95 R 46 and R 52 and not least 340/85 R 48.

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