The Fendt philosophy

Just like the Fendt tractors, the Fendt Katana 65 also meets the “more from less” philosophy. more efficiency, more output and more power, while using less resources such as fuel and operating materials.

The 650-hp Fendt Katana 65 is powered by a 16-litre V8 Mercedes-Benz engine featuring the fuel-saving SCR technology. With a 720-mm diameter, the cutterhead on the Fendt Katana 65 is the largest currently available on the market. Fendt also surprises with an ingenious design for the V-Cracker. Through the use of individual V-shaped meshing discs on two parallel-running rollers, the cracking length of the cracker is more than twice as long as on conventional rollers. Moreover, the discs can be replaced, if necessary. Since the discs mesh, the speeds on the inside and outside of the disc are different. This results in highly efficient and thorough cracking of the maize kernels. A highlight is the ability to change between grass and maize, and vice versa, very quickly. The V-Cracker can be quickly rotated back behind the discharge blower electrohydraulically by pressing a button in the maintenance area. At the same time, the grass chute is brought into position. This function is enabled in the Varioterminal beforehand. The completely new Visio5 cab has been specially developed for the forage harvester and meets the highest demands. It includes the consistent Variotronic operating logic, familiar from Vario tractors, on the 10.4” Varioterminal and a completely newly developed joystick. The large glazed areas in the cab provide an unobstructed view to the header as well as the feed and discharge areas, which makes adjusting the machine much easier. Operators have a perfect overview in all directions. The new Visio5 cab has been designed for ideal ergonomics. All the operating elements are located in the right-hand armrest of the air-suspended driver seat, so that all the important functions can be accessed directly using the multi-function joystick, the Varioterminal, the toggle switches and membrane keypad. With the large 10.4” Varioterminal, operators have everything in view: the most important information, such as direction of travel, fuel consumption or the header position, is always clearly in view in the upper right quadrant. Operators can access the individual menus using the touchpad. The new Fendt forage harvester excels with low fuel consumption, thanks to the drive train with ECO/Power modes. Full engine power is not always required: when doing light work, such as in grass, the ECO mode is activated, which reduces the engine speed from 2,000 to a fuel-saving 1,600 rpm. The speed of the components remains constant.

by Federico Antonelli

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