KTS series, a brilliant solution

In the last decade important technological developments occurred in agricultural machinery. Also their hydraulic system has become very sophisticated, using high precision components. In order to guarantee the maximum precision and reliability, as well as a long life, to these components, the oil used in the hydraulic system must always be maintained at a very good cleanliness level. Specially for such applications SOFIMA Hydraulics  has designed the KTS series, a brilliant solution to get an excellent oil filtration with a competitive cost and an easy and handy integration within the system. Really the KTS filters have a double function: they work as return filter of the service hydraulic system, as well as they take care of the filtration on the suction line of the hydrostatic transmission boost pump. An integrated valve ensures a 0,5 bar pressurization on the suction line, avoiding any risk of cavitation; for this reason, these filters allow the use of absolute filtration elements, ensuring the best protection to the pump, with benefit for the efficiency and the service life of the whole hydraulic system. Considering the different requirements, SOFIMA Hydraulics offers these filters in two versions: one with external bypass and another one with an internal bypass system, allowing a more compact mounting. The version with internal bypass gives a further protection to the pump because it always guarantees a correct feeding, even if the filter element is not replaced when necessary and the bypass enters in function. The good rule is replacing the filter element at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer of the machine; it is anyway recommended to mount on the filter a clogging indicator, visual or electrical, giving the exact indication of the proper time to replace the filter element. A clogging indicator can be mounted at any time, because the filter housing has dedicated ports as standard option. For both versions, a threaded top cover makes maintenance very simple to do. The filter elements are available with various filtration degrees, to satisfy the specific requirement of each customer, all using filter media with highest efficiency and dirt holding capacity.

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