Integrated technology

The ISOBUS Task Controller gives customers the versatility to use ISOBUS implements and to benefit from the advantages of Case IH integrated technology.

Farmers can use the integrated technology of Case IH Advanced Farming Systems® (AFS) and the Case IH AFS Pro 700 and Pro 300 displays to communicate with ISO BUS implements. The Case IH ISOBUS Task Controller is software on the display that connects to compatible task controller software on an implement’s electronic control unit (ECU). “The ISOBUS Task Controller gives customers the versatility to use ISOBUS implements and to benefit from the advantages of Case IH integrated technology,” says Uli Sommer, AFS Marketing Manager for Case IH Europe. “Since the AFS Pro 700 and Pro 300 are factory fit, customers have seamless versatility with the Case IH open architecture. It’s built in, not added on.” The ISOBUS Task Controller enables two-way dialogue in which tasks are sent from the ISOBUS Task Controller on the display to the implement. The implement performs the programmed jobs then “reports” what has been done back to the display task controller. The display task controller logs, or records, the work that has been done by the implement. That information then can be exported from the display into the desktop software for record-keeping and farm management. Tasks can be created in the display before starting to work, or they can be created in the desktop software and then exported to the display via a USB stick. “This allows the farm manager to pre-program the tasks in his office, export the tasks to a USB stick and give the USB stick to the operator to have it populated in the AFS display,” explains Sommer.


Task Controller Functionalities

The task controller can be described by three functionalities: TC BAS (Basic), TC GEO and TC SC (Section).


TC BAS (Basic)

• Allows for reading, writing and accumulative total values (for example total area, total applied product mass, etc.)



• Uses a prescription map for variable rate application (VRA) and logging applied data (coverage map)

• Up to five different products can be controlled (different rates/prescription maps) by the task controller if they are controlled by the one implement controller


TC SC (Section)

• Allows sections to automatically switch on and off based on a geographic position to avoid overlapping

• Supports up to 48 sections


“The TC GEO and TC SC require a GPS position” says Sommer. “When the user unlocks the ISOBUS Task Controller, the functionality is displayed. Farmers no longer need separate pieces of hardware or software or a separate installation kit – all ISOBUS hardware comes as a factory fit option. With the Case IH ISOBUS Task Controller, you have one software program that runs on the display for a less complicated, more efficient process. “The industry is moving toward ISO compliance, and Case IH is ahead of the curve with the ISOBUS Task Controller, which forms tractor and implement to a strong team” he adds.


Here’s an example

The farmer uses his desktop software in the office to create a new task or a prescription map. This data is saved in IXO.XML format and exported onto a USB stick. The USB stick is plugged into the AFS Pro display in the tractor, which contains the activated ISO Task Controller software. The operator connects the correct ISOBUS implement to the tractor and prepares it for field operation (planting, spraying, spreading, strip-till applications or baling, for example – it just needs to be a compatible ISOBUS implement). On the AFS Pro displays, the operator can import the VRA map for that task from the USB stick. The USB stick remains plugged into the display so it can log data. Once the task is ready and the implement is ready, the operator activates that task on the display and begins working in the field. “The display can be set to show a coverage map as the tractor/implement moves through the field in the TC GEO function,” says Sommer. “And if the implement has sections, then the sections will switch on and off based on automatic overlap control with the TC SC function. When the task is complete, the job totals will be displayed in the TC BAS function.” The task data is logged on the USB stick and can then be imported into the Desktop Software to keep the farm records up to date and help farmers better manage their operations. “The AFS product lines provide Case IH customers with cutting-edge precision solutions,” says Sommer. “It encompasses the full meaning of an extraordinary customer experience and is one more example of how Case IH is leading the equipment industry in helping our customers Be Ready.”

by Brigida Alessi

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