New compound for BKT radial tires

BKT, the Off-Highway tire manufacturer and a major global player, has further implemented and optimized the agricultural radial tires of the 70 series Agrimax RT 765 and the 85 series Agrimax RT 855 with the new BKT compound. It is the matter of an ultimate compound that enables to noticeably improve both the cut resistance and the overall tire life.

The BKT Field Engineering staff has carried out extensive research in the countries where the Agrimax RT 765 and RT 855 tires are used under toughest wear conditions for tread and casing. On the basis of this experience acquired, BKT has been able to identify the great extent of factors contributing to determine such phenomena on the tire, developing hence a compound with the best features to contrast with. The result has been a compound enhancing the already optimum performance of its predecessor formulation. In particular, the excellent results are due to optimizing the typology/proportion of the polymers present in the compound and an improved combination of reinforcing additives such as carbon black, along with an even more efficient vulcanization process. The test results show significant improvements compared to the previous compound version: +30% cut resistance and +25% tire life cycle. Both Agrimax RT 765 and Agrimax RT 855 are tires featuring excellent traction and low soil compaction preserving crop fertility and productiveness. They have been designed for being resistant on any kind of terrain – including road use – and in order to guarantee optimum performance during the entire product life cycle.  Recently, the 33 different sizes of the 70 series Agrimax RT 765 and the 36 sizes of the 85 series  Agrimax RT 855 have been reassessed also for the sidewall design now hosting the new BKT logo and renewed writings.

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