An intelligent new model

The LSB 1290 iD (intelligent-DENSITY) model is designed to produce bales that are up to 25% denser that those made with a conventional large square baler.

KUHN’s current big baler range consists of four basic models: LSB 870, 890, 1270 and 1290. The technical advantages of these machines, combined with over 30 years of big baler experience led to the development of an innovative and intelligent new model that completes the range. The LSB 1290 iD (intelligent-DENSITY) model is designed to produce bales that are up to 25% denser that those made with a conventional large square baler. Denser bales mean more efficient transport and crop handling . As well as use in conventional crops, the LSB 1290 iD has been designed for the use in more challenging environments where energy crops and biomass are grown. A new, revolutionary development on the LSB 1290 iD is the TWINPACT-plunger system. To achieve bales which are up to 25% more dense, the plunger requires twice the force of a conventional large square baler. To obtain this, the TWINPACT-plunger is split into a lower and  upper part so that  the bale is compressed in two steps. This avoids massive peak loads on the machine and results in a comparable load on the driveline as with a conventional 120×90 (4×3) baler. The TWINPACT Ensures intelligent, efficient bale compaction whilst avoiding high peak loads on the machine, gives the possibility of working with similar tractor sizes as a conventional 120×90 (4×3) baler and Produces bales that are 25% heavier in dry crop conditions.


Other machine characteristics

– 60 cm diameter Integral Rotor which ensures a perfectly controlled crop flow to the pre-chamber in energy crops and biomass. Easy replacement of the high strength rotor tines which are bolted in place rather than welded.

– Active pre-chamber filling mechanism with a newly designed mechanical feeder fork steering system.

– The baler features a double knotter binding system adapted for extremely high density bales.

– On-board hydraulic driven blowers to ensure the knotter area is kept clean.

– High resistant, replaceable wear plates for baling in dry dusty energy crop conditions are integrated in the machine design.

– The shield design is adapted to the new baler’s characteristics, for example: Storage capacity for 30 x 12kg twine spools; Pivoting twine boxes give excellent accessibility and visibility to the pre-chamber and needle areas; Platform area for easy access to the knotter deck area and the blowers; Service lights are fitted as standard. Additional work lights for operation during the night are optional.

– A 3 metre long bale chamber combined with the pressure control system ensures optimal control of the bale density.


by Edoardo Seregni

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