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The best age for being more dynamic and creative than ever? 40! This is concretely demonstrated by Faresin Industries, the Breganze (Vicenza- Italy) company that is leader in the production of mixer wagons and telescopic handlers, which is celebrating 40 years from its foundation in 2013. And it did so in great style with the presentation of the latest models in its range. The stars are the new Tier 4 interim / Stage IIIB engines and the new VPS and VPSe telescopic models with differentiated solutions.

TMR series Leader Ecomode

Among the mixer wagons, the spotlights will be focussed above all on the new 28 cubic metre Ecomode version of the Leader: the Ecomode series includes models from 22 to 33 cubic metres, which will be motorized by an NEF series FPT for industrial uses, with 151 to 181 kW Tier 4 interim / Stage IIIB engine. Ecomode Leaders are vertical mixer wagons designed to support farms that require high mix volumes and longer travel distances: they are ideal for medium-large farms and contractors and considerably reduce consumptions. The cabin is completely new and more spacious and the controls and functions have been reviewed. The seat is integrated with an ergonomic joystick that makes it possible to use the main operator controls with the contemporary increase of visibility over the cutter. Among the electronic solutions of the latest generation, special mention should be made of the Faresin Industries Vertical Cut patent that makes it possible to cut perfectly vertical silage fodder, thereby considerably reducing the loading times with the reduction of the manoeuvring operations and fuel consumption with greater product quality.The new models, all with vertical mixing, will be available on the market starting from January 2014 next.

The Compact series FH telescopic handler

Appearances deceive sometimes. A proverb that can be applied to the new versions of the FH Compact loaders, such as the FH 7.30 for example: a machine which initially appears to be identical to previous models but which hides lots of important innovations under the bonnet. The FH 7.30 will be one of the top telescopic handlers at Hannover, along with the FH 9.30 Compact with double extending section and there will also be the FH 8.40 Compact. What then are the “pleasant surprises” that this latest model has in store for us? First of all is the new Tier 4 interim / Stage IIIB 90 kW Deutz engine with its reduced consumption and dimensions: its compactness therefore remains the distinctive element of this machine which houses the engine in a longitudinal position. Another change which is invisible from the outside, but fundamental in daily operations, is the better performance sent to the power take-off (PTO), an extremely important factor for those working in the farming sector. From January next the entire Compact range (arm extension from 7 to 9 metres in the VPS version) will benefit from this engine; the 7, 8 9 and 11 metre extension range in the VPSe version instead will be equipped with the 115 kW version. The codes that identify the two versions deserve particular attention: the letters VPS indicate the new transmission (Variable Power System), available in the continuous variation 40 km/h version with 1 unit (VPS) or 2 units (VPSe electronic). The VPS and VPSe systems considerably improve the approach modularity and the displacement speed, thereby making the machines much more versatile and simple to use, extremely fluid in their movements, as has been confirmed during the testing stage, particularly in the agricultural sector. Electronic management combined with the engine and transmission makes the maximum optimization of consumptions possible on the basis of the various uses; also increased is the hydraulic capacity with a proportional circuit and a capacity of 145 up to 195 l/min for the VPSe version. Furthermore, using the new boom descent speed control function, it is possible to obtain the highest descent speed even with the lowest engine speeds, with a notable reduction of consumption and work times. Also increased are the braking capacity and the parking brake power. Functionality and ergonomics have defined the project for the new king cab which has been rendered more spacious while the controls and functions have been redesigned. The seat has now been integrated with an ergonomic joystick which makes it possible to use the main operator controls; visibility has been extended by 20%, especially upwards and downwards. Also improved and increased is the air circulation inside the cab especially in order to meet the needs of cold climates. Also increased is the free clearance from the ground and the loading capacity thanks to the new Dana axles, and this has made the machine perfectly configurable with bigger tyres. With these latest models, Faresin Industries therefore confirms its 40-year vocation and decrees its success all over the world: providing its customers with machines that are designed to work 12 hours per day 365 days per year, and guaranteeing avant-garde technical and technological solutions, efficiency and economic use and maintenance, maximum safety and ergonomics  for the operator. From today, Faresin Industries S.p.A. produces a complete range of products that makes the BRAND a leading competitor on the world stage.


by Edoardo Seregni

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