New Ferrari weeder mod. Remolite

During the last few years Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche   has specialised in the production of high precision weeders. This machine differs from the conventional ones since it can follow the lines of the crop with an ultimate generation optical vision systems.
Moreover, the weeder tools are made with top quality materials that ensure durability over time.
Remolite is the new semi-automatic interrow weeder by Ferrari. Extremely fast, speed can reach up to 15 km/h, this weeder can cultivate the majority of the crops farmers are growing around the world.
Each element is ground floating and it is equipped with multiple hoes combined with special rotating fingers that can clean the ground nearby the plant.
Remolite is available with three different types of side shifter:

  • Automatic side shifter managed by a camera (one per machine). Double lenses on camera – data setting terminal – visual control unit (minimum leaf size: 3 cm)
  • Manual side shifter managed by an operator placed on the machine (hydraulic or mechanical)
  • Front application on the tractor (in this case the side shifter is managed directly by the tractor driver, moving the device by means of the tractor’s steering wheel)
  • The minimum row distance is 20 cm (30 cm with rotating fingers). Remolite is available both with fixed and folding frame. Multi-bed frames are also available.

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