A further step in the world 4.0

by Maria Luisa Doldi

The Magnum AFS Connect reflects in its name too, the important news in terms of connectivity proposed by Case IH.

Case IH    upgrades the series of high-power tractors with the Case IH Magnum AFS Connect, also arriving on the European market: 5 models from 351 to 435 HP of power. The range has been extended with the introduction of Magnum 400 for even more demanding applications.

Many are the novelties of these new machines, starting from the external look: new lines and new design, new lighting, with the adoption of technologies from the automotive world, such as keyless door opening. All models are equipped with 6-cylinder FPT Industrial Cursor 9 engines of 8.7 litres. The transmission is continuously variable CVX Drive (absent on the Magnum 400) or PowerDrive powershift of 18 or 19-speed on the Magnum 280-340 and 21-speed on the Magnum 400. The tractors maintain a rear lift capacity of up to 11,700 kg, while the front linkage lifting capacity, where provided, is 4,090 kg. Greater power, therefore, but not only.

New levels of comfort in cab and ease of operation

The interior of the Magnum tractor cab has been completely redesigned and refined to create a new environment for the operator.

Some typical Case IH concepts have been maintained but renewed, such as the information display and the new Multicontroller armrest. Advanced levels of intuitive operation have been at the heart of the development of the new operational controls and data visualization in the new Magnum. In particular, the newly designed Multicontroller armrest has eight freely configurable buttons, a Multicontroller lever with four programmable buttons for auxiliary hydraulic valves and for ISOBUS, a ‘Hotkey’ button for quick access to the settings screen and an ‘encoder’ wheel for perfect ‘fingertip’ control of the operator.

The new design allows clear and intuitive use. As far as driver comfort is concerned, the tractors have a new ‘light grain’ coloured interior and a new swivel seat. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning performance have been improved and these functions are controlled through a new car-type control. The door without central pillar and the wiper option improve visibility. Another option is variable speed steering, to change the response rates between what is needed for field operations and what is required for road travel.

The new look is not just about style. The front design recalls the Concept IH Autonomous Concept Vehicle. The front grille can mount LED headlights with 360-degree delayed switch-off, which provide lighting with a power of over 35,000 lumens. A camera option can be installed in front of the tractor to view the front implement and/or the road. Four camera channels can be displayed on the AFS Pro 1200 monitor. Additional cab options include tyre pressure monitoring sensors, telescopic mirrors adjustable from the driver’s seat and an optional semi-active cab suspension system.

Case IH upgrades the high-power tractor series with the Case IH Magnum AFS Connect, also coming to the European market: 5 models from 351 to 435 HP. The range has been extended with the introduction of Magnum 400 for even more demanding applications.

New look also in the cabin
for greater comfort and safety.

The operator asks, Case IH replies

The new Magnum has been designed in response to customers’ requests and needs. Brad Lukac, Case IH’s global product manager for Magnum explains: “The new Magnum development started when we began to understand what users are looking for in this class and size of tractor today, spending time with farmers around the world to better understand their needs. He continues: “It was an exercise that involved production, marketing and quality standards staff from Case IH all over the world, allowing everyone to exchange and compare ideas about what was important in different countries and regions, from North America to Europe, Australia and beyond.

From this we tested concepts both in the 3D design facility at Burr Ridge, our research and development site in Illinois, USA, and in the field.

A new concept, therefore, that is born in the field and directly from the concrete needs of those who use the machines, which today more than ever are not only issues of power but also of precision, efficiency, connectivity. In short, of Agriculture 4.0. The Magnum AFS Connect is the answer to the needs of Agriculture 4.0 and its name reflects the important innovations in terms of connectivity: the proven technology of the Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS), renewed in software and hardware, is the wireless connectivity system that gives its name to these new machines. AFS Connect enables continuous and instantaneous data transfer from all areas of the tractor and from all activities.
Data: a great value also for agriculture
At the heart of the new Magnum models is the recognition of the importance of data for modern agriculture. Not only operational data, such as the position of the machines, the operations in progress, the fuel level, but also data from the field such as the area worked, the application rates of fertilizers or pesticides.

The new Magnum AFS Connect was designed as a response to the needs of Agriculture 4.0: the proven technology of the Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS), renewed in software and hardware, is the wireless connectivity system that allows the continuous and instantaneous transfer of data from all areas of the machine and from all the activities it performs in the field.

All these data can now be recorded and transferred securely and in real time while in progress thanks to the AFS Connect technology of the new Magnum models.
Real-time, continuous and secure monitoring. Precision technology has improved in computing: new software, new display, new completely redesigned hardware environment, allowing remote viewing of the display and other remote support features.
This means, for example, being able to remotely upload directions for drivers or, subject to authorization, allow dealers to access machine data, facilitating configuration and maintenance operations.

[su_box title=”The magnificent three” box_color=”#43634b”]Three core components underpinning the new technology work together to create the AFS Connect specification of the new Magnum:
• the AFS Pro 1200 operator display terminal;
• the AFS Vision Pro operating system;
• the AFS Vector Pro satellite receiver.
These elements allow users to configure tractor management and precision farming functionality the way they prefer. The new AFS Pro 1200 display uses the AFS Vision Pro operating system allowing the operating system to be configured according to the operator’s preferences. In addition to the pre-programmed touchscreen operation, hotkeys allow easier access to certain functions on the move in the field. The three AFS Connect elements work together to enable uninterrupted communication between the tractor, the owner, the operator and, if owners agree, third parties such as your dealer or, for example, the farm’s agronomist. With the remote display, dealers can help to answer operational questions in real time, while two-way wireless data transfer means, for example, real-time communication with the machine. This saves time, money and risk by eliminating the need to transfer data from person to person manually or via USB. Autonomy, safety, precision: these are the new features of the agricultural operator with the Magnum AFS Connect. One more step into the world of 4.0.[/su_box]

Optimal connectivity and support

New developments in Magnum AFS Connect technology provide a two-way connection between the new AFS Display Pro 1200 in the cab and the Case IH AFS Connect portal available through the mycaseih.com platform. This provides access to the management of the data generated by the Magnum Series tractor and the tasks for which it is used.

It allows agricultural operators to accurately manage their farm, fleet and data from their office or mobile device, to monitor current operations on the field, to get information about the machine, agronomic data and more, all recorded in real time.

Data transfer takes place wirelessly, therefore there is no need for USB memory sticks, eliminating the associated risk of loss or damage. Farm owners and managers can share selected agronomic data with third-party partners of their choice – such as their agronomist – and tractor operating data with their dealer, to help identify service or operational problems and get the best out of their machine. ν

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