Combined “Cultirapid Pro”

The combined machine Cultirapid PRO by has the modularity and the ability to customize the setting up or to complete it in the future years.
The front discs attack the soil, breaking and mixing the crop residues present, permitting to the tools that follow, to work effectively without having problems of clogging. The anchors realize the decompactation of the soil, without the inversion of the layers and a working depth up to 35 cm. The action of the anchors permits the crack of the soil for a best water control and the restoration of the rutting. The equipment in the “basic” version ends with a III points swiveling linkage ideal both for the different and numerous solutions available in the ma/ag’s catalogue and other solutions already present to the customers. The breaking group with double discs mixes the soil and attacks the small clods coming out from previous uses. The equipment ends with a finishing/levelling roller. Multiple are the solutions available in the catalogue: Ring Roller, Packer Roller, Cage Roller, Spike roller, Compact roll, Smooth roller.

The combined “Cultirapid Pro” permits high productivity of the work with high working speed adjustable from 7 to 15 Km/h and a yield average hourly varying from 4 to 7 hectares per hour, according to the models and a consequent reduction of manpower; double layer working obtained thanks to the use of the subsoiler-decompactor: up to 15 cm with the discs and up to 35 cm with the anchors; low environmental impact and lower emissions of reduction in fuel consumption per worked hectare, containment of erosion phenomena; possibility

to be used also for the biologic agricolture thanks to the sequence of the working elements that permits the control of the weed; reduction of the number of passages obtained thanks to the sequence of the working elements, in general 1 or 2 passes are sufficient for obtaining the desired work.

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