High filtering surface


Among the numerous product ranges, mention can be made of a series of complete filters and spin-on oil cartridges that come in different models and sizes to suit all filtering and application requirements, resulting in the possibility of being able to effectively check for contamination in hydraulic, lubrication and engine circuits. The main characteristic of these components is the easy, fast and clean way that any clogged-up cartridges can be replaced without the need for any additional equipment, a major factor that is particularly important in an operational context where working conditions are very bad. The high quality standards of Fai Filtri  products has enabled the production of air-oil separators used for separate oil from  air on the outlet of both rotary screw or vane compressors; an essential condition when operating within areas such as food processing, electronics, pharmaceuticals, mechanics, textiles, etc. From the point of view of making constant improvements and offering a complete customer service, Fai Filtri has also come up with a new range of integrated air-oil separation units complete with minimum-pressure valves and thermostatic valves, great for applications on all screw compressors, with a capacity of up to 12 m3/h. The high level efficiency and the fact that these integrated units are simple to both use and assembly means that it is possible to considerably cut back on the amount of time spent on maintenance and assembling the compressor, so reducing the costs relating to these kinds of intervention. Finally, years of experience out in the field, combined with high quality standards, have enabled the Fai Filtri company to manufacture a wide range of filtering components that are earmarked specifically for the microfiltration of lubricating oil-coolants and fluids for spark erosion machines (EDM). The main technical characteristic of these filtering components is the high filtering surface of all the models that consist of filter medias made out of cellulose fibre with high level filtering efficiency, manufactured with a particular system that allows to keep the pleats both distanced and even, also when there is a high pressure drop due to progressive clogging, resulting in the complete use of the filtering component.

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