No-till seed MA-AG “Sicura” pneumatic version “SSP”


“Sicura”, the no-till seed drill for small seeds, has been developed and produced by ma-ag. It was specifically studied and personalized for the work conditions typical of Italy and Europe. The seed drill was first projected for the direct seeding on no-till soils, but it can be used on partially tilled soil too. It can also be customized by applying different kinds of accessories which suit various soil conditions. The Sicura is trailed, with a steering joint arm. It is also provided with a solid and innovative central frame for hoppers (both for seeds and fertilizer) and a middle trailer, equipped with oversize flotation wheels. The main frames, located on the front and on the back gangs of the seed drill, carry the seeding elements. The pneumatic version of “Sicura”, model SSP, has a pneumatic transport system for the seeds and the fertilizer, a volumetric dozer and hydraulic activation. Each seeding element is mounted on a jointed, dumped and adjustable parallelogram. It is characterized by two discs, one toothed and one smooth, which are assembled together in a staggered way. The discs are also equipped with soil scrapers and they are set in an opened position in order to make space for the seeding pipes. The device fixes the seed in the soil. The soil penetration carried out by the discs is granted by a load of 180 kg, which can be increased by springs with adjustable preload. On the rear, there are two adjustable small wheels which complete the seeding process. These are positioned on supports with balancers, adjustable. The small wheels have a toothed edge oriented to the external part of the furrow, with the aim of grasping the soil and creating fine plots of soil for the covering and they have also a smooth foot for compressing the soil and closing the furrow. The seeding depth can be manually adjustable by using a specific crank. The seed drill “Sicura” is destined to the seeding of cover crops on no-till soil and all those cultivations that can be seeded in line with an inter row of 175mm or 187.5 mm or their multiples. It is available in the trailed version with variable width from 2,50 m to 6,00 m.

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