An innovative breather


More than thirtyfive years of experience gained on the field and in commercial relations the world over prove that it has chosen the right road, the road paved with an attention to all kinds of needs, research and the continuos developments of its products. Constant monitoring of the operatorsā€™ requirements, who work in very different conditions and environments all over the world, has allowed them to design and realize helmets at the forefront of technology, comfort and safety. An effort that has been rewarded with international certificates and a global commercial success. Innovation, reliability and comfort are the distinguishing and winning features of the entire range of Spring ProtezioneĀ helmets, the only choice ever for leaders in agriculture, industry and the services sectors. Multifilter is an innovative breather for the protection against dust and gas. It is equipped with a turbine which breaths in the air through the filters and directs it towards the peak, avoiding the steam. Also the continuos flow of air generates a positive pression which avoids any breathing effort, ensuring comfort and preventing the contaminated air intake. This is the only helmet on the market that rests totally on the shoulders and is perfectly balanced thanks to the anatomically fitting chest harness. The head is entirely free to move inside the helmet. The panoramic visor allow an exceptionally wide range of vision. Models: mod. super 1001 (supply rechargeable batteries); mod. standard 1003 (power tractor battery); mod. 1103 standard (power of the tractor battery -12 volts). Applications: Agriculture (paraciticidal treatments), disinfestation building, ship building, cement factory, spray painting, laboratory work, fiberglass treatment, slobber, cereal treatment, chemical treatment.

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