Here comes the Lamborghini Nitro

A brand new look and all the latest technology on board.

With its styling designed by Giugiaro Design, shiny white bodywork is adorned by a matte black stripe that crosses the whole engine hood and side panels. Combined with LED lights above the lamp assembly, the overall impression is a tractor range having a new, aggressive personality. The wide honeycomb front grille not only underlines the sporty flair of this brand but helps to optimize the cooling, and consequently the overall efficiency of the new Deutz engine. The combustion efficiency of the Lamborghini Nitro engines complies with the Tier 4i standard, fitted with the exhaust post-treatment DOC. This oxidation catalyzer reduces NOx and produces substances that are non-hazardous for the environment. The 3.6 litre engine, the shape of the combustion chambers and the Common Rail injection system all work together for best performance in terms of power and torque, and reduced fuel consumption. With four different engine power ratings, the NITRO T4i range is available in 100 hp, 110 hp, 120 hp and 130 hp and there is also a choice of transmissions – mechanical, Powershift or VRT. The hydraulic systems are designed to exploit all the Nitro potential to the full with single or double pump systems, flow rates of 60 or 90 l/min, up to five rear remote control valves (10 ways) with “Energy Saving” function, powerful and precise 6,600 Kg electronically controlled rear lift capacity, SDD rapid steering system, front axle suspension and “PowerBrake” power assisted braking system. A key feature of the hydraulic system is the “60 ECO” system with kits mechanical remote control valves. This hydraulic system option delivers 60 l/min at just 1,600 rpm and employs a system fitted with a double pump: the main one is always active, while the secondary pump is activated by the operator only when full hydraulic power is required, even at low engine speeds, such as when using a front loader. The new cab is the results of ergonomic studies which focus entirely on the operator, optimizing the position of all the controls. Also in this case, the collaboration with Giugiaro Design was fundamental for ensuring the practicality and appearance of the cab. Based in Treviglio, Bergamo (northern Italy), the SAME DEUTZ-FAHR (SDF) is one of the world’s leading makers of tractors, combine harvesters, agricultural machinery and diesel engines. SDF products are manufactured and marketed worldwide under the SAME, DEUTZ-FAHR, LAMBORGHINI Trattori, LAMBORGHINI GREEN PRO, HÜRLIMANN and GRÉGOIRE brands.

by Edoardo Seregni



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