An international vocation

During the ‘economic boom’ years, MP Filtri  was just starting out, managing to make a name for itself within an industry, that of industrial filtering, where there was fierce competition from a number of internationally renowned manufacturers. In order to be able to tackle what has now become a global market, MP Filtri decided from the very outset to give itself an international dimension by opening a number of foreign branches set aside for sales, assistance and customer back-up. All of this was possible, above all, thanks to the fact that MP Filtri chose quality as one of the main assets of its managerial strategy. This is how the first initial branches came about, offering a range of products all over the world, capable of facing up to the fiercest competitors, whilst winning over the local market and being able to offer its customers the best solutions in terms of logistics. Nowadays, the company is a concern that has 200 employees with whom it studies, develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of hydraulic filters, a complete line of components for power transmission and accessories, all in keeping with a philosophy that is geared towards product-personalisation based on targeted and ever-changing market demand. 30% of the company’s products are earmarked for the Italian market, whereas the remaining 70% are exported abroad through its six commercial branches located in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France and China which, through importers and distributors within other countries, help to expand and diversify the company’s customer portfolio and deal with a still unfavourable economic situation. The main priorities in terms of future evolution include expanding the outlet markets, Brazil, Russia and India included.

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